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😉So going bravely, where I probably shouldn’t, here in no particular order, are the five differences between Dutch and Russian women.

Please don’t shoot the exceptionally well dressed messenger.

Yes, people on the Internet sometimes suggest they are just gold-diggers and look for decent men to get away from Russia, which is totally unsuitable to live in.

Every Russian woman loves romance and expects that a man will ask her out to some romantic place.

To get a Dutch woman to go on a date the old fashioned way (not using Tinder) follow these instructions.Including some of the following: The great thing when dating a Dutch woman, is that if you need to leave the house at , then at 18.56 your Dutch partner will change her sneakers, have a quick cigarette, put on a leather or denim jacket and she’s ready. If you need to leave the house at then the best strategy is to tell her that you need to leave at 18.00. Nevertheless, by the time, she’s had a bath, chosen and changed her mind about which outfit she’ll wear, and which accessories match best, lots of time will have elapsed, and you’ll inevitably be late.Dutch women tend to take a pretty practical view towards getting hitched.Dutch and Russian women have completely different expectations.The great thing when you first start seeing a Dutch woman, is that even if you’re having wild monkey jiggy jiggy every day of the week, you’re not actually, officially in a relationship.

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The ability to interact with the opposite sex is an art but everyone can master it.

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