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Bicurious man dating cute boys

Just naturally, people kind of move on with their lives.

We tried our best to keep in touch and keep it going, but after a while, all of this camera stuff, he just couldn't handle it.

Lord knows I’m not a fan of folks thinking it’s acceptable to knowingly parade the streets on the “down low,” endangering themselves and others.

But I would be lying if I pretended like some of the men in Hollywood who’ve come out as gay or bisexual over the years didn’t have me shedding a single tear and doing the Florida Evans out here (“Damn, damn, DAMN! Of course, the chances of me getting with any of these men before I knew of their actual sexual orientation was slim, but I always had a crush or fascination with them to the point that I felt a little sad. For the sake of an interesting slideshow though, here are nine fellas I used to crush on that broke my little heart when I found out they were gay or bisexual.

She hosted CBS's reality show Big Brother – The reunion special as an interviewer.

I’m all for people being open and honest and comfortable about their sexuality.

The series consists of a bisexual-themed reality dating show where 16 heterosexual male men and 16 lesbian-identified females contestants live in Tequila's house and compete for her attention and affection.

It became MTV's second highest-rated series premiere for the year, behind Life of Ryan (August 27, 2007) and tied with Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County (August 15, 2007).

But it’s very hard for the casual browser to tell truth from fiction.

With our behind-the-scenes perspective, we’re able to shed some light on some typical claims and the likely realities behind them.

I know for many reading this, there’s the argument that a woman doesn’t “become” a lesbian, but is instead born as a lesbian. Some lesbians, like me, always knew WHAT we are, but growing up there wasn’t a specific term for it.

While the topic is quite debatable, there’s always an underlying current and question that constantly pops up in my world: how do I know if I am a lesbian? I knew that I enjoyed other girls, but there were always those unspoken words that what I was doing was wrong.

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It was a feeling that I didn’t have with any guy I was ever with. While there’s a vast answer for this question, there are some main points that can be touched upon to help decipher your feelings: I wish that I could say I remember my first kiss with a girl, but I honestly don’t remember because I was THAT young.