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Chuck finds himself unable to tell his girlfriend, Carol (Chelan Simmons), that he loves her, and she breaks up with him while having sex on the beach.Following the break up, Stu and Chuck decide to attend the wedding of one of Chuck’s ex-girlfriends, Katie.Our baby names finder has thousands of names to choose from so you can browse baby boy names and baby girl names, popular names and truly unique names to find the perfect baby name for you. Good Luck Chuck is a 2007 American romantic comedy film starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba.Chuck calls Stu, who confesses that he only pretended to ask the woman.Chuck gets mad because of Stu's treason but Stu doesn't care about the complaints.In the film, women find their "one true love" after having sex with a dentist named Chuck (Cook).Chuck meets a girl named Cam (Alba) and tries to become her true love.

After the break-up, Chuck attempts to track down Anisha in order to break the curse.They search for home-made sex tapes, and find a disturbing tape where Chuck is giving oral to a plush penguin while Cam is off-screen making sex sounds, implying that they might have made the tape and left it for Stu to find as a gag. According to Rotten Tomatoes, only 5% of critics gave the film positive reviews, based on 114 reviews.The film was slightly better received by audiences, who gave it a 57% 'rotten' rating. The film earned two Razzie Award nominations including Worst Actress (Jessica Alba) and Worst Screen Couple (Alba and Dane Cook), but lost to Lindsay Lohan for I Know Who Killed Me.However, after having this so-called "guilt-free sex" with numerous women, Chuck decides he wants a serious relationship with Cam.However, just before he has sex with her, Stu informs him that each of the women Chuck has slept with have got married, including Carol.

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Stu convinces Chuck to chase after Cam, who is now headed to Antarctica with Howard.