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You will need: a) Willing elders – don’t discount the very old, as often they think about the past a lot, and may have much clearer memories of their childhood than you do of yours!b) Recording device – digital voice recorder, camera or mobile phone with video/audio record function; tape recorder, or even pen and paper...Nowadays, oral history is not so often passed down from generation to generation, with children sitting and listen to their “elders” from early childhood on.We’re too busy with school and after-school activities, then with further education, work and interests..we often don’t even live near, let alone with, our older generations.If you have a grandparent or great-grandparent who loves to reminisce about “the old days”, make the most of their memories and record them for future generations before it’s too late.Unless you have perfect recall, their precious memories of your family will die out when they go.Scanner/printers are available these days for or less, and they’ll scan an old photo so you can enlarge it on your computer and even improve the contrast etc.

Old family photos are an excellent prompt; contact everyone you can think of who may have access to some, and ask for a copy - a print, scan, or even a photo of the photo.

You could also use a computer to record directly to, using a built-in or separate microphone.

Think about who will use the recorder- will you ask all the questions and record the answers, or will your elder (and/or others in the family or club) need to be able to use it?

If you have a digital camera which records video, it’s also really nice to have some movie recording of your elder telling their story. You may want to prompt your “storyteller” with personalised questions, such as “ do you remember the story used to tell me about....?

” If your elder’s story wanders a bit, you may need to gently interrupt at times with “placement” questions, such as “Was this when you were in Primary school? ” You may have particular questions that you are seeking answers to, about your family/organisation.

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Life moves too fast and one day, when we stop and wonder where we came from, our elders may no longer be around.