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These are dropped into the various holes in the flat top of the upper section so the engraver can clamp parts of many different sizes and shapes to work on them. Matten also made the handle for the small mallet himself. The mallet was used to gently tap a sharpened steel tool to do engraving.

A carved rose handle is clamped in the vise as an example of Mr. BOLEYThis is a typical small watchmaker's lathe driven by an electric motor.

A 1 Euro coin and a US quarter dollar coin are shown is some of the photos for size comparison. The upper half is split and rotates on the lower portion.

A strip of leather between the two allows easy rotation but provides enough friction to keep the vise portion from moving accidentally once positioned.

The headstock casting was of the finest grade, seasoned and heat treated alloy cast iron, hand scraped to fit the lathe bed.

More can be learned about the history of this and other machines by going to Tony Griffith's excellent site at and looking in the "Archives" section by machine name. MUELMATT "VICTOR" ENGRAVER'S VISE AND MALLETMade in Cincinnatti, OH, this vise was used by engraver George Matten (1900-1970) who worked in the Los Angeles area in the mid 20th century. The heavy round base sits atop a leather pad that allows it to be rotated into any orientation.The Joe Martin Foundation tool collection is now on permanent display in the Foundation's newly constructed facility located at 3190 Lionshead Avenue in Carlsbad, California.The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM if you wish to see the machines and other displays in person. (Click photo for larger image.) Joe Martin loves machine tools of all sizes, but he has a special love for machines at the small end of the size scale.Several have since been donated by other patrons who appreciate small tools and want share them with others. The foundation plans to continue to add to this collection as interesting machines become available.Seeing the tools in person is an interesting walk through history, from the first simple hand-cranked watchmaker lathes to the electronically speed controlled, laser engraved machines made today.

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