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Fender rhodes dating serial number

Fender Lead II Single Coil Pickup Specifications The DC resistance of the Lead II X-1 single coil pickup is approximately 7.5 kΩ (9600 coil winds) vrs (7600 coil winds) on a Stratocaster.

Lead II single coil pickups have flat ALNICO polepieces.

Early Lead II single coil pickups have bobbins formed of green/grey fibreboard and later Lead II single coil pickups have plastic moulded bobbins that are the same as that used on current Stratocasters.

Fender Lead Series General Specifications The Lead Series use 250 kΩ volume and tone potentiometers and use 0.05 µF tone capacitors.

The Lead Guitars were manufactured between 19 by the Fender Musical Equipment Co.

under the direction of Gregg Wilson and Freddie Tavares.

The following is a complete list of the articles I have written to date.

A ground strap was screwed to the body routing pocket between the bridge pickup and the pickup selector switch cavity.Gregg Wilson was succeeded by John Page, who eventually headed the Fender Custom Shop.The Lead Series have elements of the Stratocaster and Telecaster in their design with a body that is slightly smaller and with a slightly different shape than the Stratocaster, a Stratocaster-like neck (and headstock), and hardtail bridge with Telecaster-like string ferrules on the back of the body.The Lead Series headstock was smaller than that of the then Stratocaster models and similar though not identical to the 1954 Stratocaster design.The Stratocaster models at the time of the Lead Series release in late 1979 were still using the larger headstock design until the introduction of the Dan Smith Stratocaster in 1981.

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The body pockets were covered with a conductive coating.