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Editor’s Note: To those of you who read my post last week about my breakup, the change in tone here might feel a little jarring.I actually wrote that post over a month ago, and I’m doing a lot better than I expected.There are a lot of tumultuous things going on in my life (some I can’t mention here yet) so I’ve been in a state of rediscovering my goals, both professional and personal.One of those goals is and always has been to communicate with people (THIS MEANS YOU) so the tone of this blog, while staying in the interiors/lifestyle realm, is going to shift a bit towards things I’m currently interested in, including love, dating, and relationships.Some people just use these sites/apps to entertain themselves. During my last breakup, when I was a total mess, I used them just to learn about people.It made me feel hopeful that there were still people out there to meet, still connections to be made.

And they let you know that guy you’ve always thought was cute is single.

Since you didn’t ask, a quick dating tip, which I was reminded of on a recent date: Don’t talk too much.

I went on a date with this guy (who I knew in real life then matched with on Tinder) and he literally didn’t shut up the whole time.

This series, “Dating Sucks” will be an ongoing diary of my experiences dating as well as a place to talk about issues that relate specifically to dating for gay men as well as issues that are more universal.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, skip and move onto the next design post.

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I’ve been on Grindr (between my last two relationships) and my memories of it are akin to those dreams I used to have in high school where I came to school naked and everyone laughed at me and then I burst into flames. I AM A HUMAN WITH A HEART AND A MIND AND I WANT LOVE.