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As a Kurdish girl, I am always fighting a battle between traditionalism and modernism, as if these two ideologies are dichotomies on opposite sides of a cultural spectrum.

I am here to contest this illusion that we as a society have bestowed on ourselves.

It is important to remember that the Kurdish culture is not a static one.

This assumption has always baffled me, because Kurdish history and culture thrives on the backbones of strong women.There is no such thing as a single proper Kurdish girl. Labeling us and belittling our contributions to our struggle only cripples us as a whole.A Kurdish woman does not have to choose a side of the spectrum.Our traditional mothers are vivacious and powerful. Why are their daughters deemed as having lost their heritage?I for one have embodied both attributes of traditionalism and modernism.

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In my mother’s time, her responsibility was to be a woman of the mountains to aid the Kurdish Struggle. She still held on to her Kurdishness, her traditions.

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