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Susan bozic the dating portfolio

Serial work and typology is the new art of photography.August Sander's German archetypes trying to maintain their place in the chaotic world after the Great War are now assumed to say far more than "this is what farmers look like, here's a baker".Each work has been created through subtle manipulations of appropriated imagery, both personal and foreign.The moments chosen are linked by themes of everydayness, banality, routine actions, insignificant events, and nostalgia.Is this a more, or less pure photograph than one that I composed and pulled the trigger on? The serial shots here are absolutely a typology, they are in fact a series, a stop motion video of the model's performance.

With the idea that a photograph ought to look like a photograph came a search for "photograph" which may have sucked the botany illustrations of Karl Blossfeldt into abstract art, the snapshots of Lartigue or the news photos of Weegee into social commentary and even the anonymous police mugshot into a portraiture of the other.You had the portraits of Karsh or the mug shots of the anonymous police photographer.But in the last couple generations there has been a bleeding between the two worlds.Bergeron was born in Sudbury where she has worked in photography for almost twenty years.Her work has been presented on numerous occasions and has been published in many books and cultural magazines. Our season sponsors are CBON, la Première Chaîne, Espace musique and Radio-Canada Television.

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