Usa old dating site on mobile craig horner dating

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Usa old dating site on mobile

He gave me a story of a dead wife, his face profile has no likes from doctors only woman who are all divorced or single from different parts of the country, none from his supposedly home town and most important there's no doctor in US with his misspelled name. Anyway I know sometimes we are lonely and want to talk to somebody, but never give your adress, restrict info they can see, never send money, and research the career they are pretending to be as easy as Google it.Ask a difficult question and they should be able to answer and they won't.

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He told me he was british american but in the picture he look Hindu, and he said he was a military doctor.

I asked him what branch and he answered a surgeon, apparently military doctors don't know branch means navy, marines, army, etc.

I am so glad I have blocked him as it could have been really bad. Ladies and Gentlemen please do your homework and research this person!

Being lonely is terrible I get it but don't fall for these scams. Thank you Today I accept for friendship a face that took me about 15 minutes talking to him to know he was BS and I blocked him.

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