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But most of the time creativity and brilliance are born of time, patience and a solid plan.My best friend’s father gave us some advice before we went off to college: Never wear sweatpants to class and always put on some make-up.There’s nothing worse than being picked up for a date and having the guy turn to me and say, “So… ” Suddenly, I feel the pressure that this is a test of my creativity and ability to respond to change quickly.If I ask a guy on a date (which is rare…), there’s a good chance that I’m at least going to plan the activities.Clear, classy signs will point new customers in your direction and keep your company’s name out there for people to remember.If you and your employees can’t be out drawing people in, your sign is definitely a team member you want to have.

We took that advice to heart and followed through, even when we had stayed up until a.m. it was hard to take the time to get ready when we had an a.m. You always want to present your best self to draw in new people.

In terms of human development, it's the paleolithic period.

Humans existed in small bands around the world, hunting and gathering.

When this tree colony first came into being it would be another 50,000 years before humans started coming over from Asia, into Alaska, and then moving down towards the Trembling Giant.

By the time any human being set eyes on this grove, it was already, from our perspective, older than ancient.

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