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Validating microsoft office license

Office 2011 for Mac is so bad that I have a Parallels install of Windows on most of my Macs, just to run Office 2013 in a Windows virtual machine. I do a tremendous amount of work in Word and Power Point, and I just wanted them to run natively on my Macs.I wanted to use Office 2016 and stop all the weirdness that I have to go through when running a Windows instance to edit a Word file.That was, admittedly, a bit baffling because I bought Office Home edition, but hey, I'm tough, I can handle it.After thinking on it a bit, I ascertained that the message came up because my email address is a custom domain, not something like @or, etc. First, my Microsoft rep was "Paris H" (yeah, not kidding) and after selecting Microsoft Account, it asked me for my username and password again.All I could think of was, "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike." Okay, let's try this again. It insists I sign in, and is giving me the unable to activate Office message.Paris H: What I would recommend you do is uninstall and reinstall the software. Paris H: Please click here for Uninstall Office 2011 from a Mac The link was to instructions for uninstalling Office 2011. I had just bought, installed, and attempted to use Office 2016. DG: No, I have Office 2016 that I need to uninstall because it won't activate. (Some time went by) Paris H: Please click here for Uninstall Office 2016 for Mac This time the link was more appropriate to the problem.

There is a file V2.helper.plist. Can you imagine run-of-the-mill Mac users digging in their Library folder?

Since I wasn't using an @or an @account, I selected the company option. The Sign In button had been replaced by a Cancel button. I still had my receipt page open in my browser, with a nice "Contact Us for help" button available, so I opened up a chat conversation with a Microsoft support rep: DG: I am trying to sign in to activate, and it recognizes my email and password, but asks if I want to use Microsoft Account or Work Account. Microsoft: Okay no worries, as I'd be happy to assist you with anything regarding Microsoft products! I tried logging in and was greeted with the unable to activate message below: DG: It says unable to activate Office. (I answered with my personal email address) Paris H: Just a moment while I look into that for you. Sign into your account from there and you should be able to locate the install button.

Let's take a moment to get sidetracked about the use of, you know, the English language.

Right after telling me that removing V2.helper.plist appeared to be a sound strategy, I was dismissed and my celebrity Paris H experience was at an end: Paris H: Okay, excellent and if you have troubles you can contact us back at anytime.

Paris H: Thanks again for chatting with us at the Microsoft Store, we appreciate your business!

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Microsoft calls its product "Office" and with that comes some linguistic responsibility.

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