Validating while unmarshalling

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Validating while unmarshalling

In the case of a namespace prefix consisting of an empty String, your Xpath Expression will use a colon (":") to indicate the default namespace.

If you leave the colon off, the XPath expression will not match.

Well, given the way the API is currently, which exposes the value as a

Section 3.3.13 says that the value space of integer is the infinite set.

When false, all entries are transformed first, before the split nodes start being sent to the output channel (transform, send, transform, send Vs. Instead, one or more output channels are determined dynamically.

of channel names, therefore handling single channel scenarios as well as multiple ones.

Passing in a Namespace support for all XML transformers is provided in the Spring Integration XML namespace, a template for which can be seen below.

The namespace support for transformers creates an instance of either`Event Driven Consumer` or according to the type of the provided input channel.

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In order to enable namespace support, you need to import the respective schema for the Spring Integration XML Module.